Membership is open to anyone, young or old, living in or near the Ribble Valley at a fee of £8.00 per person or household.  Novices are encouraged to join and rub shoulders with the more knowledgeable members in this very friendly and thriving organisation.

To rejoin Clitheroe Garden Club, use the Membership Form from the newsletter and post it to the address below along with a cheque for £8.00 made payable to Clitheroe Garden Club, remembering please to enclose a stamped addressed envelope (at least 6″x 4″) so that we can send your membership card.

Those members who paid in 2019/2020 do not need pay for 2020/2021.

Members who wish to change any details we have for them should also use that Form.

Brenda Fenton, 31 Queen Street, BB7 2LU

Alternatively you can take your completed form to one of our meetings or to the club sales hut.

If you have any questions regarding membership you can contact us at or